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Life Together Churches (LTC) is a network that supports people hosting worship and congregational life in small group environments. The network provides everything needed to enable a local group to quickly and effectively start a small group worshiping community and sustain its life and growth.  Learn More...

Starting Your Life Together

For those who would like to explore together as a group whether starting a Life Together Church is for you, we have developed something we call "Starting Our Life Together" 120 day module.  This is a fifteen week cell church/house church curriculum we have designed for pastors, church leaders and churches who are interested in getting a taste for what church in the home is really like.  Click here for more info.

Worship Leading Resources

For a cell group or house church meeting to be effective and healthy, worship must be an integral part.  This is one aspect that separates cell church from a regular small group bible study - congregational worship is experienced by participants of a cell group or house church gathering.  Click here to learn more.

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Ephesians - 6:10-18

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Ephesians - 6:1-9

By Bjorn Dixon

Discussion Questions: As a son or daughter (child or adult), what does it mean for you to honor your father and mother?What does it mean to raise children “in the training and instruction ... More

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